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Traenk wonders aloud at the changing face of Security--and Hacking.

Two job candidates sit in front of you.  One is a motorcyclist, with beard stubble and visible piercings.  He alludes to his time doing "security testing" with friends.  The second is clean cut and articulate.  Past employee of the CIA, he holds top clearances.  Background checks show the first candidate has a few minor arrests for drunkenness, while the second candidate is a clean slate.

You need an IT worker, one you might use with some government work.  Whom do you hire?  Rebel without a cause, who all but admits to being a hacker, or Mr. Clean?

If you're concerned candidate one is a hacker and hire candidate two, you've just hired Edward Snowden.

Appearances can be deceiving, and in this series of blogs, we'll peel back some of the onion to see the face of the modern hacker.  If you're rooted in your old memories of the old movie, "Hackers"; you're far behind the times.

I hope you'll check everyday for updates to this blog.


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