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Something Wicked This Way Comes

With so many friend's email accounts hacked, Traenk asks, "When was the last time YOU changed your password?"

I have three friends whose Yahoo mail accounts were hacked and were good vehicles for sending advertisements.  Wow, how embarrassing!

What you can and should do varies of course.  It never hurts to inform Yahoo.  In my experience, they don't offer much help, but it doesn't hurt, right? 

Of course, it all starts with changing your password, especially if you've accessed your account with an internet cafe computer, some of which implement keystroke loggers or web cams aimed to capture your screen from over your shoulder.

Once logged in, there is a dropdown list implemented where the display says Hi.  Get into your account menu item, and you can view recent login activity.

There's a nice list of logins, displayed by either location or by IP address.  One friend noticed he was able to log in from Spain and from Bulgaria, at the same time, despite being at work, but you know enough about astral projection to know how that works.

Since the incident, he has changed his password and implemented a sign-in seal to distinguish the Yahoo site.  Beyond that?  More frequent password changes wouldn't hurt, but using the encrypted/https interface is also important.

Overall, consumer-grade applications with consumer-grade security subsystems leave you fighting to control your account, especially as banks have lists of customer email addresses stolen from them.  Ultimately, you get what you pay for, right?


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