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Having De-Tweeted, it's time to go further

In my last post, I de-tweeted, despite never having tweeted.  I thought it was managed halfway well, with no emails coming back to haunt me back to the land of Twitter.

But one never truly leaves Twitter.  Tonight, I went to Twitter to check that my account had, in fact, been cancelled.  It isn't, despite this being a very important security practice.  Your tweets will last forever I bet.

As I went to get information on my "forgotten" password, Shazam!, I'm greeted with a paragraph explaining that I can reopen my once deleted account.  Isn't that nice?  I, or someone else, can reopen the account.

I'm not sure I like this?  Afterall, I warn my students to avoid leaving an eternal mark on Facebook.  Imagine the tweets of twenty-something lasting equally long? 

I'm even more strongly convinced that this email as authentication tool is wildly open to attack.

More from the other sections of the caves I'll be exploring as JT, your Fav' Internet Spelunker.


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