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So far, Win 7 is making a thoroughbred of what has been a plough mule laptop

The convertible laptop no longer howls as the cooling fan attempts to keep up with the heavy heat load.  Win 7 is efficient, and operations just seem to fly on it.

This allows me to return to virtualization as a past-time with this laptop.  V-System loads are snappy by comparison. 

This is the OS this system should have come with.  Running 64-bit Win 7, the small 4Gig RAM limit seems to do quite well.  It's a new machine, worthy of my cleaning the screen and case, fouled by my daughter's indifference.

Does this mean Win 7 will overcome any issues with older hardware?  Not hardly.  What it can do is give you a little more time on hardware you thought ready for the donation bin, important in this time of financial cut backs. 

The commercials claim everyone set the specs for Win 7.  I'm not sure about that, but it is apparent that all those Vista complaints were heard...


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