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Smart ways to hack a smartphone

Smartphones increasingly bridge the gap between once isolated phones and PCs.  This means they now get to have PC-hacking mud slung onto them.

Stuxnet--intriguing hack that used the support PC's as passage to send waves of infectious code onto SCADA boards.  A recent conference showed big security problems in CDMA and Android phones such that attack code could go from phone to PC back to phone, in the same way the Black Plague might use a rat as a carrier...

My daughter's unsmart phone has issues.  To ensure I get her messages from a failing phone, she used a web email service to send an SMS message, something I never knew was possible.  The same day, my brother sends an email with an attachment that my phone anti-virus complains about.

And that's how it's done, Boys, hit someone on SMS channels that s/he may trust over much, vomiting crud onto a platform that people routinely dismiss as needing NO anti-virus software.  That's how you p0wn to 0wn a supposedly 'isolated' architecture.

I did my due diligence, called my bro to alert him to important facts: 

1) yes, there is free anti-virus software available and

2) Website URLs and rich media (videos, audio clips, pictures, etc) are attack vehicles. 

"But it's only a funny recording!"

(Don't laugh!  We've dumped decades of IT topics onto untrained users whose heads swirl when we attempt to summarize security knowledge and experience into a two-sentence sound bite...  Today's phone owners have more computing power in  their palms than the computers that got us to and from the moon in the 60's--yet no training!)

Meanwhile, I read a brief snippet about smartphone nets increasingly turning up their spam traffic, despite phones being relatively 'hack-proof'.  Not so!

I marvel at 'meat' viruses and how well they work.  The original nano-machines, these simplistic bits of coded DNA topple kingdoms while strengthening us against greater attacks.  Small wonder to me that they have become the conceptual model for so much in IT and other scientific disciplines.


P.S. I'm tracking down issues with SQL Server Express and other databases as an attack platform overall.  List any URLs from SANS.org or other reputable security sites below.  Help me get the research done...

P.P.S.  Holler back if you have any recollection of Roxy Music.  Consider the instantaneous availability of so much music...

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