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Slash & Burn Computing Tenent Number 2: Staying Online Persistently Is like Buying a House in a Bad Neighborhood

Staying Online Persistently is like Buying a House in a Bad Neighborhood; You gotta assume at least one successful break in--when you're not looking.

Remember modems??  Remember that lovely screech and howl as you connected to a bulletin board and then, eventually, that Internet Thingie?  Back in those days, the inconsistent connection timings and bandwidth rates made system compromise more difficult.  Sure!  Offline, a bit o' Malware could churn up hundreds of spammy emails.  Mailing them, however, took enough time and bandwidth to be noticed. 

Now, we all have computers with a gazillion bytes for storage, megafast processors that make Cray computers from two decades ago look primitive, and, yes, fat and juicy internet pipes that don't feature the pesky security devices most organizations put in place.  In this world, your data is immaterial.  You are a malware mule, one pumping out attack or spam packets to thousands of innocent Internet citizens.  Don't your feel horrible?

Slash and Burn computing says you'll occasionally yank that network connection.  Using your tax software?  Once it's updated, do you need a live internet connection? 

Shut it off from time to time, that Internet connectivity habit jammed up your port!  Learn to make system and application updates a planned event, updates that are performed separately from normal computing. 

Put in a router that has a firewall and enable and secure it.  Informit has all the hot articles on the subject.  Would it hurt to buy a book?  Don't all those Innocent Internet Waifs deserve better treatment from you?

Yes, processes can still wait stealthily for your return to connectivity.  But sometimes, maybe--no guarantees, the inconvenience caused by you winking on and off the 'Net makes other people better candidates to be a walking remote control.

There are more Slash and Burn Tenents.  Excuse me as I go online to check spelling.  Yup, tenents is correct.  Ya, this is so worth avoiding use of a physical dictionary...


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