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Do you really want coworkers to drag you into their own plans, thanks to social networking?

As you've been reading, I've been Linked-In for a while.  During this time, I've had some interesting issues.

I get an email on my company's email system, despite not sharing any company contact information.  After reviewing my profile, the sender asked me to complete a survey, one that one of my organizations would love you see me complete.  And this email was sent thanks to company contact information I included in my profile.

B.S.!  Bad Speech I say!  The referenced organization never puts its contacts into this kind of manipulation. 

Now what?  I once worked in a nearby relatively small town.  A guy wanted to get linked with me, one with a very familiar name.  This guy is a recruiter it turns out; and one night, I'm greeted with a phone call at my company phone system, again, thanks to contact information I supplied with my Linked-In profile.  B.S.!

Days later, I scan the recruiter's contacts and see an acquaintance from work.  Maybe he's ok with announcing to all that he's looking to find another job, but I'm happy to work where I am.  I'm not interested with my company's monitored phone system registering an outside call from a recruitment agency.

I offer these as examples of what can happen with displaying even the most basic information.

I know a guy, not me, who facebooked his frustration with his boss, not realizing the extent to which others could read his ramble.  Imagine his joy when reading his boss' post on the ol' wall...  I'm going to review the newly announced privacy protections on FB soon.


P.S. for the record, my boss has the political skills I'll forever lack, able to get the most difficult customers to be IT advocates.  What?  You want his name and contact information???  8-)

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