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Online banking, shopping from your armchair, and computer-initiated loans are leaving people more vulnerable to theft.  Traenk discloses a new series in this blog.

Personal finances has never been a popular topic with many.  According to a recent survey, 40% of Americans don't balance their checkbook and 20% don't keep track of their finances at all.  I'm not certain at all about the data I just quoted.  I just know that many have no idea about their money, their online accounts, their automated payments, etc.

Meanwhile more and more commerce is electronic, and the horror stories of lost money only get more prevalent.  Ours is an electronic society, now lacking many of the paper trails the past generation counted on to track the disbursements. 

Into this world of fast transactions and few physical records, young and old alike find themselves mystified by the ways money evaporates, nearly as quickly as it is poured, electronically, into our accounts.

Everyone applauds the new, digital age.  Few provide basic information regarding what can go wrong.  In this series of blogs, we'll provide 'Security Street Smarts', basic information about your responsibilities in the Digital Age.  I welcome your stories, your bitter lessons, and your ideas about the topic below.

No one is claiming the content will be comprehensive.  It will, however, help you think through the undocumented consequences of living digitally, when you fail to exercise 'Street Smarts'.


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