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Save The Planet: Stick to Windows XP

I bought a new desktop computer with Vista Home Premium preinstalled on it about a month ago. Contrary to the horror storied I've heard, I find Vista easy to use, reliable and it even has a few cool features. It has one serious downside, though.

It didn't take me more than a couple of days to find out that Vista isn't so bad after all: I like its sidebars, I adore the option of viewing multiple clocks (you learn to appreciate such conveniences when your editor is located in a different continent!) and its searching capabilities are light years ahead of XP's. So, if you're perturbed by the horror stories that some journalists like to promote -- banish any concern. Vista is fine choice, though not a perfect one as I discovered later.

 There's one big fly in the ointment though. I noticed lately that my new computer sucks up more wattage than the older one which is still running XP -- and I'm talking hundreds of watts per hour here. I know, you're probably thinking that the soaring oil prices must have increased my bills but after isolating any confounding factors (turning off my fridge, lights, TV etc.), my suspicion has been corroborated: it's my new computer that sucks up so much power! There are many good (and bad) reasons why Vista needs so much processing power, but nobody asked Vista's users whether they were ready to pay the bill. Now I understand why Microsoft is rushing to release Windows 7: I suspect they will have to offer a free upgrade for Vista users or else they might face a class action.   

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