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Whether you supported or disputed SOPA or PIPA doesn't matter.  What matters is the story behind the story.

Is SOPA the censoring of the Internet?  Doesn't matter.  Did you notice the Internet's response?  Even companies based in America did much to rally the world against proposed American laws.

This seems something new.  The Internet was birthed as an American technology, with most of the standards and governance organizations 'Made in America'.  In many cases America ensured the Internet served national interests.

Since this time, the Internet has grown, and grown progressively more independent of its roots.  This protest, with allegations written in dozens of languages on most social networking sites, seemed to send a message.

It seems that the world's governments must consider Internet backlash?

Overall, the proposed laws are very flawed.  I think both proposals only shift responsibility for IP theft to organizations that can no more police their subscribers as you or I might try to herd kittens.  Most employers are certain to have workers who do stupid things.  Would we shut down Microsoft.com because an employee posts a music file?

Most importantly, the spillover from one nation's laws would have ripple effects as most organizations increasingly co-locate their data centers worldwide. 

I believe strongly that we must have global standards for Intellectual Property (IP) protection.  I also agree that countries may adopt national laws to protect their industries' IP in advance of any globally negotiated law. 

I simply struggle with assigning responsibility to large organizations, simply because they are identifiable while the perpetrators remain hidden.

Stay tuned! 


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