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Releasing the Hounds of War

By  Feb 14, 2011

Topics: Network Security, Security

IP addresses left at the scenes of multiple crimes indicate that some countries are attacking others!

Read the news carefully!  A country is attacking another country's resources!  Is this an act of war????

Before you release your hounds of war, read the details, C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y!

The reporters are assured that we know there is an attack because!  The addresses left at the scenes of multiple crimes have IP addresses from a country that all assure us is hacking other countries!

I guess I'm a little skeptical.  I read a lot, a  lot about botnets and remote control malware.  I also know a bit about IP source routing, the lack of spoofing rules in most Internet servers and sites, and plain ol' problems with broadcast-based protocols shaping our networks.  I know that people who run illegal, unauthorized copies of operating systems can be denied updates needed to secure said systems.

IP addresses do not equal computers which do not equal people whose individual intentions do not necessarily represent national intent.

I had a great discussion once with a security pro employed by a government.  "John," he said, "There's Information and Disinformation.  The real challenge is recognizing the difference between the two."


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