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There's an old Moody Blues song, one that bemoans getting ready for the next work day.  It's forlorn and sad and, well, a touch moody, but it does represent what many feel as we prepare for the week.

As a traveling consultant, I once carried books on CD and on paper to be ready for questions.  Thanks to the sweet deals on electronic books on informIT, on Cisco Press, on Que, on Peachpit and most other sites; I have two bookcases worth of eBooks that fit nicely on a CD.  

Early on, I realized most workgroup automation is done with Microsoft's Office Suite, enabling a custom application that imports each tools objects in a way that makes you look good as an integrator for processes, applications, analytics, you-name-it.

This weekend, I was working on a fast Access database.  I bought Que's books on Office and on Access more than a year ago, thinking I might need them.  I can't count all the neat tips on Office 2013 I learned.

Tomorrow?  It's time for BYOD.  I have all my SOA, Office, C/C++, etc books ready, ready for quick searches across the book or across the directory in which they are stored.  I have formats for Kindle, iBook, you-name-it.  I'm ready.

I invite you to open each of the websites serviced by InformIT.com.  The cost is low and the convenience and useful content is high.  Enjoy.  Want a list of URLs for each deal?  Let me know below.


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