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Traenk is ready, willing, able, and clueless about his coming Windows 8 experience

I paid $20 to upgrade from Lion to Mountain Lion.  I knew nothing about it, and my Facebook friends had nothing wildly positive to say about it.  Tell me, what is VoiceOver and why is it important to me?  I'm pretty sure past versions spoke the dialog boxes.

I'm taking the same cluelessness into my inevitable Windows 8 experience.  Sure, I promised I'd download and use the trial version.  But who has time?

Do I feel gullible, blindly buying an OS upgrade despite no knowledge of compelling features?  Nah.  This ain't my first rodeo.  I'm a tad skeptical that most OS improvements are little more than a marketing platform for more hardware, like RAM.

But Wait!  What Win 8 feature is getting some press?  Metro Interface?  (Nah!  Talk about Love/Hate relationships.  Most pundits predict we'll either love or hate the interface...)  Will Win 8 allow me to trim away OS footprint?  Can I choose to install a smaller, less vulnerable image?

Well, that's the implication in the press, and that is one feature that excites me.  Should I pay $40, double Apple cost, to install a stripped down OS?  SURE!  Why Not?  Knowing Windows and other Microsoft technologies gets me double the revenues and work applicability of Apple tech.

So that's it folks.  I'm willing to pay double the going upgrade price to install an OS stripped of oddball, questionable services that create one vulnerability after another, that are too poorly explained at vendor sites, and that make me nervous.

What about you?  Are you tired of performance-robbing 'features' in your OS?  Would you welcome a trend to Linux-like tuneability? 

I'm hopeful Win 8 will be a recognition of many people's desire to use Operating Systems that follow the principle of "Less Is More".


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