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Leaves are down; harvest is in, for the most part.  Another year comes rushing up to us.  What will it bring?

The amount of rain late in the season means that my allergies have been severe, making me grouchy and a tad irritable.  The harvest is resuming with new urgency, in these few days of dryness, kicking up great clouds of dust and debris that assault the eyes and sinuses.  But this ends for us all, soon enough.

The holidays are now rushing to us with eager intensity, cold homes warmed as much by lighted colored lights as by fireplace fires.  It's time to close this year and be ready to welcome the new.

Each year, I attempt to predict the security developments in the new year.  2010.  Not as dramatic as 2012, but nearly as vital.  I've never witnessed the IT world swirling in such a confusing state of flux.  I can't do these predictions on my own.

I invite you, good readers of Informit, to begin the Prediction Process.  Comment below on those events of 2009 that anticipate that which follows in '010.  Dustin Sullivan, I'm specifically calling you out on this one.  There have been a lot of changes to the website, most very, very good.  What trends are you seeing?

Everyone involved?  Make these listed events good.  We have a big task ahead of us.


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