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The much hyped iPad 3 introduction leaves Traenk a bit bored.

I like my iPad.  It's just not the gift-of-fire-from-Prometheus tool the vendor makes it out to being.

Most I meet who use an iPad for business soon find the input abilities very limiting.  So they buy a keyboard.  Soon, the high initial price for a system with a decent amount of storage shoots you past the cost of most full featured computers.

Post-PC Era?  I think not.  I'm preparing a computer for a BYOC (bring your own computer) initative.  Is it an iPad with a keyboard in tow?  Nah, it's a MacBook Air.  Nice lightweight form factor. !!FREE!! Keyboard!  Easily expanded storage via USB interfaces AND AN SD CHIP READER!  And this cool trackpad extension to normal tablet design sure leaves other tablets in the dust!!!

I think there is room for middle ground.  Want instant on + low power consumption?  Look at PC's with solid-state drives and fewer moving parts.  Want extensive storage and easy input and navigation tools?  Look to tablet types that will increasingly look back at tablet/convertible PC's/laptops that featured keyboards AND nice handwriting recognition.

In other words, the laptop isn't done evolving.  And too many people with real business needs, needs for more than a three-line Facebook response, we those people need a tool that can be lightweight and truly functional.

I'm John, and that's my opinion.  What's yours?  I'd sell you my iPad2, but my wife claims it as hers and won't give it up.  I agree that iPads are wonderful clients for surfing and the like.  I don't think, however, that iPads and tablets have ushered in a new, more Golden Age of computing.


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