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Physical security is Information Security

Pundits predict the eventual merging of Physical Security and Information Security fields.  That may not be a bad thing?

The truthful Information Security Practitioner will admit that physical security is an important component to our security programs.  The intruder who gets physical access to systems can reboot them, reconfigure their network connections at the switch, and just create havoc. 

Need a lot of information at once?  Rather than work a fancy hack over the network, most intruders just steal the laptop.

Many IT Sec people I know blanch at the prospect of working more closely with Physical Security Practitioners.  We talk packets, and they talk fences.  But ultimately, our two fields cross very closely.

Tired of recommending better background checks?  The merger of the two disciplines may get that job done. 

If you are working in an organization that looks to draw the two groups, the two disciplines, more closely together, think through the many positives.  Think through new funding and support for Business Resumption Plans, among other things.

And maybe remember the words of that famous Security Pro, Robert Frost:  Good Fences make good neighbors.  He would have substituted the word 'firewalls' for 'fences', had Marcus Ranum completed them a little earlier...


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