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Must data be live for you to Live?

Years ago, I was a certified Motorcycle Safety Instructor who taught quite a few classes.  One evening we spent some time talking about motorcycle theft and Harley Davidsons.

In case you didn't know it, Harley Davidsons are very popular with thieves.

You can chain them, kryptonite lock them, and a hundred other ways to secure them; but they will be stolen by a gang using cutting torches and a large get away van.  So how did some people keep their bikes from theft?

They stored them discreetly.  In the garage, under a cover, few passers-by ever noticed that there was a juicy H-D just waiting for their bolt cutters.

Now, I'm an informaiton security specialist.  Each day it seems that there's another alert on another vulnerability or a story of another company's data stolen, including a big chunk of my data.

I'm trying something different.  I'm going to put information on a thumbdrive or RW CD.  When done, the information will be removed from the PC, the network, the wandering eyes of someone who wants to see something.

Paranoia?  Nope, just trying to give the passers-by another target--the computer you maintain with all your financial records, tax returns, etc.


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