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facebook is creating a second virtual life of its own...  Now you tell me!

I've had terrible facebook problems.  People whose posts I wish to read only hit my newsfeed oh so very late.  Accessing FB with my mobile is a slow exercise in patience.  So far, I've deleted 2/3 of my 'friends', changing memory structures, something we IT Security guys do as a way to learn more about a system.

Just losing 1/6th of my friends was an EPIC improvement in performance.  Updates began racing.  I also adjusted settings for newsfeeds, so that those people whose wit, humor, wisdom, and just plain great comments get higher priority.  Others whose wit, humor, et al were seldom expressed were removed from memory structures.  It was truly passionless.

Then it hit me.  My first blog on this, that is.  A lot of people join FB and then do little with it.  Our contact has been minimal.  We're a bit distant.  So I deleted hundreds of profiles, thinking the change no big deal.

Soon, I started seeing articles on how to tell if your FB BFF has dropped you like a wormy apple.  Then there were 'tools' that you install so as to catch the person dropping you in real-time?  What's that all about?

I don't get it.  Of course, I'm not known for my E.I.Q. (emotional intelligence quotient).  Meanwhile, facebook performance is stunning, and I'm getting sweet feeds.  That's all that matters, right?

facebook is another one of those Internet applications that are subtly reshaping our lives, with some taking this web-based IRC app fairly seriously.  I know people who are very, very frequent FB users. 

Me?  Not so much.  What do you think constitutes the new Internet Etiquette?  Me?  I see the Internet as an abstract bit of work, an experiment in the making, a bit of graphical embodiment of rather dry and emotionless coding.

What about you?  What is the Internet or facebook to you?  Do you spend increasing amounts of time with it?  Are you hurt by the actions of others who don't take this web-driven paradigm for friendship seriously?  

Or are you a bit like me, an IT person who fails to understand the in's and out's of facebook and befriending others?  Would love to learn.  Respond below.


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