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All of us developers are being pulled into the embedded world.  What's that mean?

In my last posted blog we learned a bit about when an embedded device is appropriate.  The application needs to survive rough environmental conditions that would kill a PC.  You as designer want to provide a focused experience for the user.  The CPU vendor gives you some nice C API's, add in some industrial input device, and life is good.  Or is it?

Remember the 90's?  Remember the impact of all of those PC's getting joined to the Internet?  Remember the crippling virii, the worms that choked your network, or the radical learning curve caused by all the security engineering being shoveled in?

Your appliances are going there.  The automotive industry wants to link their products to the Internet. 

I'm not sure we're ready.

What do you think?  Let's discuss some of the security issues with embedded technologies in the next post. 


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