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Is there any right to privacy?  Do modern monitoring systems go to far or not far enough?

A friend and I discussed Sweden's new law that seems to promise more monitoring by the government.  I don't know the specifics.

I take the view that we can have no expectation of Privacy when the systems we use, such as email, offer no privacy whatsoever.  Afterall, hackers have owned phone switches and many networks beyond the Internet for decades.  Where were the protests?

As modern governments face increased attacks from terrorists groups, their need to monitor has increased.  Afterall, we the people insist on 100% accuracy when predicting and preventing a terrorist attack--just don't peruse any servers or switches that my communications may touch.

(Ironically, I know several people who object to copy protection on artistic media yet feel a great need to pgp their email.  Who knew video game hints and walkthrough's were so important?)

What do you think?  Is there any privacy right?  Is it a big deal that this blog, our emails, the phone calls we send, all of these may be monitored? 

I don't think so, and I think such monitoring is an expected reaction to the severe threat to many modern societies. 

jt, read my email; it's boring and uneventful.

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