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Make Business Cards To Promote Yourself

Most business professionals today carry their business card to promote their business and exchange them with new people they meet in order to be remembered and hopefully build a business relationship.  But what happens when you aren’t with a company and meet new people that you’d like to remember you?  Hand them a copy of your resume (that you just happen to have on you)?  No.  Make a business card for yourself to aid in your job search.

Here is a recent situation; a friend of mine started his own private practice as a CPA.  He showed me the proof of his business card that he was going to have made at a printer.  He had a Comcast.net email address and no website.  I shared with him that he wasn’t promoting his business brand.  I helped him secure his own domain name and setup an email forwarding account that represents his business name, which is much more professional.

While he was going to have 1000 cards printed, as a job seeker you don’t have to commit to that quantity.  In fact, here is a great idea.  Create your own business cards that can be customized to the audience that you intend to share with.  A new friend that I met at the Job Club I recently visited, Neil, shared his idea with me.  He told me that he prints his own business cards and will print messages on the back side of his cards to help build his brand.

The next day I went to Office Depot and picked up a package of Avery Clean Edge business cards (8871).  They are white two-side printable cards that look and feel like the same weight as cards you’d have made at a printer.  The “Clean Edge” is the model you want to buy because you cannot see the perforation and therefore they don’t look cheap.

Download the free Avery DesignPro software at www.avery.com/templates.  In the software choose the 8871 stock and select from any of the pre-designed templates or custom make your own design.  Import a photo, clipart or colored background to add emphasis and make your card stand out.  Print key words on the back side to help potential employers and job leads remember what you are good at, so that they remember you afterwards.

Build and reinforce your brand by printing your own custom business cards!

Thank you!
The Laid Off IT Guy!

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