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Learn Silverlight during Lunch

There's a lot of new technology to learn.  What's Microsoft doing for you, the technology innovator who's got lots of learning but way too little time???


Did ya get that?


Flash is a flashy tool but just seems bankrupt in most security contextes.  So maybe you (or someone you know) wants to learn Silverlight?  Ya, right, just when?  You've got that one important project due next week and the other five will roar up from the back burner immediately after that. 

So When?

How about Lunch?  Go out to http://silverlight.net/learn/videocat.aspx?cat=2 and check out the videos.  Download them to your Zune (or even your iPod or PSP if that's all you can muster).

Me?  On the Zune and the Pocket PC, what, with it's larger screen and external speaker. 

Notice the Visual Basic Source code on the same page?  Wow.  Let me know what you think.  And by the way, I'm taking any claims that there's any better media player than the Pocket PC or even the Zune.

jt, no time but what I can squeeze in while nibblin' salsa and chips.

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