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Just how much compter do you really need?

By  Mar 20, 2010

Topics: Software Security, Security

Patch Patch and Patch Some More!  Not!

These were older laptops that needed rebuilding.  After loading the system restore CD's, my brother-in-law and I patched them.

After 8 hours and a near DOUBLING of diskspace taking XP to SP3 and promised latter patches, I'm exhausted!  We really needed to go Win 7, but he's shy a few bucks.  Why not reprovision with Linux?  He's doing Office documents and will run Office and the organization uses Office. 

And this experience reinforces my current views on PC's.  I like my Pocket PC.  If I want, I do a killer reset and the original system image comes back--good bye malware.  Is my Ford Sync acting up?  Hard reset that bad boy and good bye problems.

I'm not teaching.  I'm not editing.  I'm not writing.  I have no long term data other than my downloaded podcasts.  If I want, I can rebuild pronto.  My Client needs aren't that big. 

I have some information downloaded from the internet.  It explains how I can repair my Coleman Lanterns.  In my last rebuild I thought I might copy that from cd backup.  Why?  It's the Internet--it's open 24x7.  Why 'store' buckets of old information, back it up, check for viruses, and just plain MaNaGe some stuff that's been updated in the 20 minutes I've written this???  See what I mean????

I'm ready to go cloud.  I want to record and store my taxes and other stuff, but a USB will do.  I have so little other stuff for which I need a big honkin' PC that needs so much care, feeding, and attention. 

I might be ready for a netbook after all.


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