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It's been a long while since you had a chance to be excited about a new version of an 'old' OS.  Now is your chance.

This old laptop is as energetic as a bloodhound in the hot sun.  Even giving it 1.5 Gig RAM didn't help.  It's an Athlon running at 2 GHz.  The old order of things says, "Let it go!  Set it Free!", much like an old 70's poster relating some insipid commentary on love.

I actually ran VISTA on it for a while.  But the time I removed all the ineffective vista features that only made the fans whirl in loud dissatisfaction, it was back to XP anyway.

Today, this laptop runs Windows Release Candidate 7 in a way that is astounding. 

Every single stinkin' OS I've ever used bloated up with features that required more hardware.  Red Hat 6.2, lean and mean, morphed into 8 and made small images very difficult to do.  Leopard sure needed lots of umph.  And no one can claim Vista didn't have it's share of compatability and performance problems.

But Win 7, the lucky number 7, is what people have been waiting for.  I'm running gadgets, no longer limited to the Sidebar (or an entirely separate screenful of widgets).  The performance meter is jolly and rested.  I've got Office 2007 on it, this very dated & underpowered hardware, and all runs well.  Pressing the Windows Key + tab ROCKETS through the display of screens, with no visible Vista like delay to render it screen.

Something happened.  People turned to netbooks.  They, We want a lighterweight experience.  The Recession hit, barring most of us from automatic hardware upgrades.  Microsoft listened.

Windows 7 will give you the familiar and new features you want without requiring that you either forklift in hardware upgrades or a brand new computer into your life.  You WILL have the eye candy GUI experience once reserved to high-end UNIX workstations and recent Macs.

The release candidate is widely available.  It's worth trying out.  In breaking the "I Must Buy New Hardware" mold, this is one OS that breaks all Pre-Conceptions what your next OS (running on your current computer) must be.


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