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Having witnessed the PC revolution, Traenk pauses to reflect on the GUI world...

Half the price of a new car, albeit a modest one, the new Macintoshes were a sight to see.  Most impressive was the small size and granular screen.  Most important was the dinky (by comparison) manual that came with the thing.  There was a nice training diskette, and watching that machine slowly ingest the diskette was radically cool.  So too, the careful way it politely ejected the disk was something to see.

Most liberating was the way the "Mac" allowed computing neophytes to create 'Desktop Publishing' businesses.  Neato. Cool!

Expensive.  Insisting on pushing 40% profit margin, the biz strategy practically guaranteed a lower-cost alternative.  Although radically cheaper than the Lisa computer it replaced, the Mac was more a rich person's passion versus an Everyman tool.

But the whole Graphical User Interface thing would be the defining moment in our lives.


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