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It is time to support and less to debate

Traenk muses over past governmental security efforts.  They are PAST, right?

Is the United States government hacking computer systems?

Consider reading Winn Schwartau's book, original edition, on Infowarfare.  He was one of the first to realize the warfare shift from economic to cyber worlds, years before the Internet took off.  Additionally, review Carnivore, an email monitoring system that would review bulletin board email messages.

Some ask if I am alarmed by growing review of our cyber activities.  I suggest that it is naive to expect cyber-niceities in a post 9/11 world.  Governmental research shows plainly that too many infrastructure vendors attach their products to the Internet with incomplete understanding of the security risks.

Past rhetoric included the term 'Digital Pearl Harbor', a term that seems a bit bombastic but stunningly accurate, nonetheless.  Our country has traditionally entered a war with inadequate preparation and understanding of the issues.

Instead of debating current security efforts, I believe it is time to wade through the tall and lofty postings to focus on these ideas:

All the debate in the world does little to mitigate the many open systems that control modern life.  Although we survived the experiementation phase of hacking from the 90's, hacking is now something the world as a whole does, often as silent, sometimes probing, attacks against other parts of the world.  In this new, somewhat insane, world, we simply must support security efforts more. 

I know some with libertarian views may think this post is a slippery slope.  I think the days of security practitioners worrying about their organization's traditional computer systems only are over. 

As computing becomes more pervasive, implemented into dozens of control systems; and as those control systems now facet the Internet, we need to shift the security discussion into actual mitigations for computer systems everywhere.

Should governments sponsor hacking activities?  Save those discussions for a talk show.  We have more immediate, more pressing needs.


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