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Traenk wonders if our journey to a useable Desktop/Workstation Linux is truly over.

People love to point out the Desktop Linux mis-steps.  One large organization after another has turned away from their widely announced plans to "Go Linux or Go Home."

Why is that?  What is it that have stopped many from adopting Linux in the past?  You've heard the complaints:

  • Poor Documentation
  • Poor support for emerging PC technologies
  • Poor interfaces
  • Poor Administrative and management interfaces
  • Just Plain KLUNK-factor
That was then.  This is now!  Today's Linux is so useful, I'm going to surprise my wife with a Linux Makeover on her aging laptop.

Pay attention here to all the problems and solutions that that move brings.  For now, remember, you read it here first:  2012 is the year of Linux Desktop adoption, for reasons I'll discuss in later blogs.

Meanwhile, if you think I'm a Visionary, discuss this in the comments below.  If you think I'm another Linux Crackpot with serious delusions of functionality, sure, leave that feedback below also, although I doubt you can support your conclusions.

I dare you to try...


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