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Information Technology Musings...

Surprise!  Students are returning to IT as a career.  Are they ready?  Are you ready as a long-term IT worker for your new colleagues?

There's a technological explosion going on around us, but few are prepared for the awful churning and mingling of old and new IT tools.  Training budgets shrink, despite the need for new workers to pick up information on legacy tools they must support (and the need for we 'legacy' IT workers to pick up information on new and rapidly evolving tools).

Trust me; you need to take on ownership of your career and hire-ability prospects.  Some may see their fledgling company sell for a cool Billion, but must of us are in a mad scramble to provide support and development for the techno-stew we simmering in at most organizations.

InformIT is my high-tech hub.  I have a Safari subscription.  With it, I can scout out the best in high-tech thinking and writing.  To learn well, I need to consult multiple books at once.  The daily Safari cost for pennies saves me dollars lost on books that may disappoint.  As I travel, I can safari out obscure facts faster than most, thanks to internet access.

As I travel, I can squeeze several $9.99 sale books onto a cd.  Sure beats carrying thick copies of books, and allows me to read those pdfs with lightweight iPads or even clunkerrific laptops.  On a plane and offline?  No problem. Shut off the WLAN radio battery drainer and trim down the backlight to read for hours.

And then, need to create a solid demo?  The site's video instruction allows rapid learning, prototyping, and demonstrations.

And oh yes, I still maintain a few dozen paper books whose usefulness continues year after year.  My "Teach Yourself ..." books are worn, filled with notes, and creased nearly to extinction.  Meanwhile, I note the too-fast passing of smaller tech book publishing houses that dinosaur out as soon as the eCommerce or some other bubble bursts.  Too many come and go, but a SAMS or Que title always seems to have staying power on my bookshelf and in my career.

I'm a security professional, charged with securing networks, Operating Systems, Infrastructure Applications like email, and flat out intricate applications like SAP.  I can't cover all those bases cost effectively without InformIT.com.  What's your story?

Honesty Clauses: 

1.  I don't get a dime for blogging; I do so for the thrill of blogging on a site with hundreds of thousands of registered viewers.

2.  I don't get any money (don't want any) for talking up this website.  I just want to help fellow IT workers continue to enjoy a career I've been fascinated by for decades.

3.  The Unleashed series of books is one of my fav's.  I learned UNIX over a weekend by gobbling 1100 or so pages, written by several of the top technical writers in UNIX.  Yes, a weekend!

Let me know what you think below.


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