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Put a Fork in me, I'm Done!

Family vacation was fun.  I got to code in a air-conditioned room while the daughters and wife enjoyed the sunny beach. 

I converted Tablet PC apps to Pocket PC apps and vice versa.  Then it hit me. 

If you, like me, are a worker at a major corporation; you, like me, are hurting those who consume our applications. 

Think about it.  Think about the massive wads of information we ask users to input into our systems.  The stock picker needs to fill more tubs in a day, accurately, yet must keep inventory accurate.  The doctor must track more details to appease the Insurers of his/her career.  And it goes on and on.

What's your response?  My Tablet/Pocket PC's are wed heavily to GUI elements that can simplify input.  I'm pulling up data elements, via pre-cast files.  Select away.

But this is a digital world.  Sophisticated collaboration environments like SharePoint and SharePoint allow nice searches and nice meta-data.  Pocket PC can record audio notes.  What holds us back to harvesting them from the user and making them Sharepoint-ready?

Both Tablet/Pocket PC's I have support fingerprint recognition, being HP products.  Can that be used reliably for signing docs?  And here again, both can support voice recog.  Am I climbing into those API's?

Sure, voice and handwriting recog have issues.  But how can we use it in basic ways?

This July 4rth, I'll celebrate my country's independence.  I'll also support a second independence from traditionally forms of electronic input that are merely the 1980's replacement for typed sheets of paper.


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