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In the Nook of time...

Why is the Nook such a rockin' little platform?  What qualities does it have that delight and amaze?

I knew it would happen eventually. Some far-sighted tablet manufacturer would realize the whole eReader world needs to follow the paradigms enjoyed by most book owners.  But let me backtrack.

I buy a lot of technical books.  I need these at the work place, but too many books get lost or stolen too easily.  I've tried several electronic book formats and reader platforms.  In the past, I really enjoyed my convertible PC/tablet combo. Overall, a tablet seemed to offer the best weight and ease-of-use combination. I was given a cheap Android unit.  Junk. I had an iPad, until my wife confiscated it. That was a lot of money. My Kindle Fire HD has been my favorite of late, but it seemed to have problems with some Android apps.

I just bought a Nook HD+, an upgrade to my test lab.  For $149 and free shipping, I now have a 10 inch Android tablet, one that has excellent apps written for it.  It also can run most Android apps I get from Goggle Play.  That's cool.

Even better, if I buy eBooks in the Nook format, I can safely and securely "loan" my Nook books to others without fearing they'll be loaded to the Internet for pirates. I believe authors should have their royalties protected with content distribution systems that reasonably restrain usage rights.

I'm typing this blog now, on my Nook.  It just plain works. I hope to have more information on these tablets and why people adopt them so readily. Until then, consider getting your own. Getting a full featured Android tablet for less than $200/US seems good to me.


P.S. Barnes and Noble, please explain why an HD media savvy tablet has such a poor speaker system?

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