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I’m ready, but the United State’s infrastructure is not.

By  Sep 17, 2014

Topics: Access, Data

I’m outside the Cades Cove visitor’s center, hearing acoustical instruments like bangos and hammered dulcimers play.  I have my MacBook Pro, alive—charged and ready.  My phone is charged and ready and has a tethering plan, just begging to be used.

I am signal-less.

I honestly didn’t expect this.  Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg have signal aplenty.  But as I enter this time capsule, a place where water still lazily pushes against a large water wheel that powers an old mill, we seem to have skipped the 21st century’s basic right:  Internet connectivity.

I suppose I could wax poetic, quote some 18th century Romantic Era poetry or some other rubbish.  No.  This area has no Internet, and that means a lot of modern jobs are as missing as the connectivity.

Some may choose to flee to Cades Cove and hope to avoid signal and its many traps.  There’s a way to do that however.  Airplane mode…

I wonder how long it will be that remote places remain remote, off the Great Internet Highway?  I’m not sure, but if you continue to read my blogs, you’ll learn soon enough.

jt.  Feeling Disconnected.

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