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I'm not supposed to like Windows 8.

I'm not supposed to like it, oh no.

Who thought Windows 8 might be useful, possibly fun?  Traenk's confused...

I've been experimenting with Windows 8.  I'm very, very, very^15 skeptical as I work through its results.

Will it install and run Libre Office?  (Yes???  It can and does.)

Will it permit use of Firefox, or will it protest and make the install a burden?  (Yes, and no and no.  FFox installed nicely, with no system chiding me that I really shouldn't use odd software.)

Will it run on an older machine and carry on Win 7's tradition of needing fewer resources?  Sure does. 

So what's my current minuscule complaint?  (Wah!) I want my menuing system back.  (Wah!)  Ok, I admit that I typically only used a handful of icons.  OK!  I admit that I really like to call my favorite administration and security utilities by name or by searching on *.msc.  Do I need all those icons? 

No I don't.  I'm kinda liking those active tiles giving me news-I-can-use in real-time, versus the old ploy of opening dozens of apps and hoping the minimized view updates content in 4 point fonts fast enough.  Ya, that's more efficient.

I gotta admit that my daughter may have been right.  Use Win 8 on a demo PC built for it, as she did; AND use the computer like a newbie, and ya know what? 

It's a nice interface that lets you focus on those apps you're likely to use most. 

I should probably follow this experimentation up with a new convertible tablet like device.  Anyone know if popular apps like libre office, evernote, etc run on Win RT?

It's a neat thing, this Windows 8.  I'm still doubting that merging tablet and PC worlds will truly work, but I'm willing to give it a shot.


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