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Installing applications on Windows is difficult.  Older apps make that difficulty painful.

Hi!  I'm a PC Application.  I have a lot of Dynamic Link Libraries I must register, some of which are older versions of important DLL's that will overwrite newer versions.  I'm also going to plop a lot of files in a lot of different directories and other issues.  There is NO Drag and drop to move me.  And guess what, if I'm an application your organization's developers wrote in old, old C, I'm going to snap system security and manageability.

Thin App removes all this hassle.  It creates a single file that can link to app-specific DLL's on the fly.  It gives you a single icon.  You can improve your app security processes a lot with Thin App.  Put the file on an SMB share.  Now, everyone loads the updated & patched app from a single safe source. 

If you have a citrix farm, no longer will apps clobber each other by insisting that THEIR copy of DLL's take precedence.  And citrix app images load quickly, only linking in app components as they are needed.

If you have a large suite of apps to patch, to load, to manage in your organization, think Thin App.  The sandboxing aids security, and the app wrappering helps you deliver just the right app version in a nondestructive way.


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