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What is Data Leakage, any way?  Why is it now such a big problem?

My Jawbone UP is helping.  My weight loss is nothing stellar, but the increased sense of energy is great.  So what is the rub?

I read a disturbing article yesterday, an article I can't find today.  The typical stuff, I learned how EVERY high-tech device I own is documenting my every move and thought.  Maybe my Jawbone UP and its application is a big data leak?  I am tracking my sleep, for example.  I'm also tracking the number of footsteps too.  And if I documented my food, maybe the McDonald's McDoubles at lunch, how might that reveal too much?

I'm sorry.  I get it.  Data Leakage is an emerging issue in America and The World Itself--worthy of a new class of security tools, expensive ones at that! 

(If we're really concerned about Data Leakage, why do so many share so much information through low-tech channels? 

"I'm hitting McDonalds drive thru for a couple of McDoubles.  You want some?" 

Careful!  Don't say that too loudly!  What is Data Leakage, why is it so important, and why might it be a product in search of a problem?)

I think I'll keep it up with wearing the UP, awkward Android application, and all those other warts it has.  Meanwhile, the next time someone asks about my noticeable weight loss, I'll assume it's a big security flaw in some high-tech device I use.


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