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How much is your FaceBook account worth?

1.5 Million Facebook accounts are being sold.  How much is yours worth?

Neat article.

It's not what you know but whom you know that is the hacker focus.  As I've written before, if you are an avenue to a target, you are now a target.  Those who trust you, will trust your email (and any attachments you may place in them).

So what?  Someone can read your wall.  Big deal.  Facebook vulnerabilities now include fb-ready apps that can use your information.  So when my visit to the online woodworking store proclaims that Dustin Sullivan prefers Freud router bits, I'm gonna buy.  Dustin?  He's got nothing but complaints from me if those bits are HSS instead of carbon steel.  He's a pawn.  (Of course, if you're a woodworker, you know this is an example only.  Freud makes great gear.)

Need another odd article?  First, I'd like to thank the Apache Org for sharing this information honestly and openly.  This is a monsterous attack, hitting on so many levels at once. 

Why do it?  Apache is a great organization that doesn't have websites chock full of card numbers. 

Today's hacking is a lot like shooting pool.  Lead your shotS.  Think five shots in advance.  In the same way, today's hacking seems more 'structural' versus directly financial.  Target a key person, based on his/her blathering admissions on Linked-In, no less; and then use the account alongside the person to go after the true targets.

In the same way, hack Apache source code to hack not only one website, but all websites using the world's most popular web server potentially.  I'm suggesting that code control, versioning, and verification is as much a security as it is development issue.  I'm suggesting that it's the indirect attacks you must concern yourself with as much as those attacking your websites directly.

I'm thinking of blogging on Windows security changes I'd like to see made.  Write back if you're interested.  Until then, how do you verify any online identity claimed?  The Internet just got more complicated, huh.


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