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Traenk kept his Windows system from the Internet, from even starting, for some 45 days.  A lot can de-evolve in 45 days...  Honestly, how long does it take before your system becomes very vulnerable and how long must we wait for new Windows components?  Will Windows 9 fix the issues?

My Window 8 system had been off the Internet for 45 days.  What happens in that time? 

The Windows 8.1 update was installed, and now I have a desktop and taskbar.  Those improvements took a while, and security patches were an hour or so to download and update.  All of my utilities, including antivirus, needed upgrades to solve the total vulnerability conundrum we all get with 45 days of too little network contact.  In short, restoring my system to a secure state  took many hours, with my antivirus waiting some time in a vulnerable state before lining up for fixes, repairs, and upgrades.

Is this a war we can win?  How long must we wait for an organized system update?

For the record, I'm excited by the many security controls over the boot process in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.  Overall, I may cringe at Windows 8.? interface issues, but I don't want to run Windows 7 any longer.  That ship has sailed.  I kept my machine off the Internet for 45 days.  How long did it take before my Windows system was p0wnable?  How long should you wait to check for needed updates?

Now is the time to put your Windows system on the network more often.  Now is the time to allow automatic updates maybe.  Let those needed updates happen in stages and waves.  Avoid giving your system a 'total update makeover' that leaves every sub-system vulnerable during a long download process.  How long will our Windows systems do updates in an unprioritzed way?  Shouldn't WinUpdate give security products higher priority over business applications? 

Microsoft, I'm ready for Windows 9.  Holler if you need some test pilots.  


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