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John is in shock as the Apple Juggernaut rolls forward.  How long before Win Mobile gets the respect it deserves?

I'm on vacation.  I've rescued my iPAQ 2795 from the 'heap' of tools I maintain at home.  I've used it all week, playing videos, performing PDF downloads (simultaneous to web browsing, downloads of the YouTube client (which isn't guaranteed to work with Win Mobile 5, but it does); etc.

My daughter is all the more excited to use the iPAQ 4155, an ancient version that can still fetch $100 on eBay. 

Great compatibility, multi-tasking, Blue-tooth, WLAN A&B (with WPA 1 support on some older models), touchscreen with multiple orientations, great resell value, etc.  How is it that Win Mobile is skipped over in favor of iPAD? 

I've read the articles and know that Microsoft is shaking up their consumer division.  I'm not sure that's warranted?  The Architecture is s-o-l-i-d.  No, Microsoft must work through a weakness that is deep in their bones:  M-a-r-k-e-t-i-n-g.

The many integration strengths in their products is not an easy learn.  The strong abilities of their mobile platform aren't always listed on the side of the box.  And hardware design?  I actually bought the brown Zune.  Of course, my woodworking traits move towards 'Arts and Crafts' and 'Shaker'.  I once called my wife "Functional" once.  O-n-c-e.  The HD Zune is lightyears ahead on design appeal, but we need more.

This is an open plea to Microsoft:  get the Marketing Mavens to mention the platform with a little more emotion and compulsion--and less a technical recitation.  HP is cozying up to Palm, having bought all that IP.  It's time for Microsoft to think about doing more than hardware specs if the platform is to reach its potential.

I've been able to consume web services for years with my Pocket PC's.  Here's hoping the platform will continue...  To reach this goal, Microsoft is going to have to appeal to their customers' eyes and hearts, as well providing the technical facts to their minds.


P.S. I am a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio/VB .Net.  I've studied the platform's merits.

P.P.S. Maybe compulsion is an odd word?  I've spent a lot of time and money learning .Net Compact Framework.  I want the marketing people to get some excitement going, and then share their passion with us all.

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