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Great password information at a small price

Where can cash-strapped security pro's get great information on security basics??


I guess I'm odd enough to actually enjoy reading and reviewing the publications at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), a U.S. governmental agency charged with promoting many things, Information Security amongst them.

My last article was published May 1 of this year.  It was on passwords and choosing more effective passwords.  I really, really wished that this content had been available during the writing of the article.  It provides a lot of great background on the subject of passwords and is very quoteable.

To the people at NIST:  it's another great SP. 


P. S.  NIST is a U.S. agency.  Please respond with other governmental agencies and their writings.  I can translate both English and German fairly reliably, (although Berliner Deutsch remains mysterious...).

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