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Google Wallet? For a motorhome?

Yes.  I want to buy your motorhome with Google Wallet.  Not.

Went to Craigslist to find stuff.  Found a PRISTINE motorhome.  A Winnabago [sic].  Low Miles.  Divorce forces sell.  Wow!  From the pictures, the thing looks brand new!  Here are some details sent to me by email.

"As I told you in my first email, I recently got divorced. I got a new job and moved to Boston, Massachusetts for a new start. The motor home is already at the shipping company in Boston sealed and ready for the shipping. My presence won't be necessary because I prearranged the deal with Google Wallet. The deal includes free delivery and it will arrive at your address in 3 days. You will have 5 days to try out prior to making any purchase and if by any reason you find something you don't like about it you can send it back at my expense."

Hmmmm, a coworker took advantage of a similar deal, one that took advantage of his trusting nature.  What's frustrating is Craigslist yanking the ad!  How will I score a deal this good, one advertised in Carbondale, Illinois? 

Did any warning klaxons go off for you?  The use of a remote Craigslisting?  The need to contact the seller by email only?  The wait to mention use of Google Wallet or Western Union or Certified Cashier's check or cash to buy the thing? 

"If you are interested in knowing more info about how it works, I can ask Google to send you an email with more information on how to purchase it. Google Wallet will contact you shortly after they have the details with all the information that you need to complete this deal and you will also have proof that I am covered by them and a legitimate seller."

Wow!  How nice of the seller to broker all communications from Google Wallet.  That certainly verifies the deal's legitimacy as surely as I can trust client input as a website developer.  Throw in a letter of verification from the seller's friend, a Nigerian Prince, and how can this deal go wrong???

I congratulate Craigslist for managing the damage that might be done if the seller is a scam artist.  Unfortunately, the real protections must come from you, yourself, as YOU decide to recognize the warning signs of a potential scam. 

Amazing how the pictures displayed were typical of those returned from search engines, never a specific motorhome.  

"If you would like to receive the email from Google will [sic] all the transaction information please reply with your full name, shipping address and phone # and they will contact you right away."

No thanks.  Now, I think I'll take apart the emails sent to reveal their true originating domain and sender.


"Using the Internet doesn't expose us to unusual crime.  Instead, it makes usual crime and graft faster and more difficult to trace."

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