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Good News; Surprising News

By  Mar 1, 2010

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Why does the CISSP certification continue to thrill me?

Got the good news tonight, after work.  I have satisfied the renewal requirements for my CISSP-ISSAP.  There are many, many more CISSP professionals than when I got mine, but I don't see the qualifications (or the exam questions) lightening up at all.  And I have one!

If you are in the Information Security industry, or want to join it, you know the value of the CISSP.  It is still seen as a boost to your credibility.  This is rare for many designations.  They soon reach a saturation point at which the designation is seen as having a belly button--everyone has one.  Not with the CISSP.  What do you think?

If I can offer some advice, do as I did.  Buy Shon's book.  Shon Harris' book is pretty famous.  I bought one years ago.  It helped me not only got great information on the domains, it helped prepare me for the exam and its difficulty.  I still have nightmares that I must take that exam again.  I then roll up in the fetal position and play The Carpenters as a way to relax.  Can't we stop, hurting each other?  Long ago, and oh so far away.  I took an exam with you...

My old copy is still shared amongst exam candidates at my company, and many of them buy the latest version once they see how useful the book can be.

I blog for Informit.  I don't get a dime, don't want one, for recommending one of the best security books I've read.  If you're interested in a CISSP, check out the Shon Harris materials at this website.

jt, CISSP-ISSAP for three more years <sigh!>

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