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Just got notice that Microsoft is making a full-featured version of Visual Studio available--for free.  Traenk is happy.

This URL seems to have the most information on the free community version of Visual Studio. You may want to use Microsoft search to find a link suitable to your country and location.

This is a bold move by a true leader. Want to use a premier IDE for your iOS apps? Enjoy coding for Android? Have you taken a class in C# or VB .Net and want to continue the gains you found when you first used Visual Studio? Do It Now. For Free. Under most circumstances.

I've used everything from text editors to Eclipse to Visual Studio, for decades. Visual Studio just plain offers neat developer features first. And now, all that stuff is free. Under most circumstances.

I'll drop a copy on my Win 8 sys over the weekend. I thought the free "Express" version was cool. This is even better. Can you use the FREE Community version to write applications you're paid for? Yup.

Under most circumstances.

jt, under most circumstances

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