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With TrueCrypt in the Crypt of its own making, what is the True story?

Tom Johnston, of Doobie Brothers fame, released a solo album called "Everything You've Heard is True".  It was an album recorded after his breakaway from the Doobie Brothers.  Speculation was rife that in the mix of songs, we would all learn why his music career seemed to terminate.  Not so.  Plain good music, it provided neither rhyme nor reason that explained what happened.

I felt the same wave of disappointment when learning and then researching the abrupt and surprising close of the TrueCrypt project.  No, I never used it nor recommended it.  My interest spikes when Yet Another Cryptography Tool is shown to have suspicious events, origins, or coding practices.  What's up?  Within days of a code review/security audit, TrueCrypt decides to close shop?  Microsoft buys this project for a large sum, and whammo, now the word is "Go BitLocker or Go Home"?

Countless articles only seem to offer countless conspiracy theories and raw speculation.  It's like reading an X-Files Marathon. 

As mysteriously as TrueCrypt started, it ended--with little ever known about the developers and their True intentions.  People and organizations used this tool and seemed to think Free meant Quality.  Or Security.

No matter.  Here's hoping all your repositories decrypt well, without signs of subtle corruption.  You will retrieve your data, now that you know there is no support for decrypting those million-dollar financial projections a year from now, right?

Caveat Emptor.


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