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What is your response plan for your email being compromised?

It started with an email from my email vendor.  Suspicious activity.  My email account locked as a precaution.  Something isn't right.

I did view my account at lunch, after unlocking it of course.  Things looked a bit out of whack, with the site throwing odd interfaces at me that seemed somewhat genuine.  I was given all kinds of advice and online help.

I'm not sure anything was amiss and decided to question the vendor's decision to lock my account.  I saved my support request form and incident number.  Talk about a crazy state of affairs!

I'm still working through the ?damage?, marveling at the lack of logging and the inability of support to share more than the fewest details.  Overall, if this were a business system, it would be an epic security fail.

So what are your plans for the day a system you use is hacked?  As my past blogs and writings indicate, email systems are targeted as the means to get a copy of the password sent (bad design, to send the password) or to trigger a password reset (better design, to reset the password and give the account owner notice of this activity).  What should you do?

Dig into the online help.  How do you contact support?  What information do they need?  What are your plans for keeping a copy of whatever service request you turn in?

Do yourself a favor.  Do a what-if exercise.  Work through how you might respond.  See what security information the vendor provides.  Ensure you're not keeping important information at the site.  Try to predict how to respond better, more quickly and completely.

We'll see how this situation plays itself out.  I've asked for a restoration of all deleted communications, despite most being newsletters or spamage.  No, this is more about going through the exercise of responding.

Let me know how your own response exercise turns out.


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