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DeTwitting-UnSocial Networking Redux

What happens when you snip strings to others or refuse to be your own Greek Chorus to your Life's happenings?

I deTwittered.  I killed my account.  I never tweeted.  I had something like a dozen people listening to any word that I might have tweeted were I to, in fact, tweet.

By the way, what is the full conjugation to tweet?

I also did the unthinkable.  I unLinked a connection or two.  If making the connection would give the the power to explore the other person's connections and all that information in the emails advising me to make a connection, what would unmaking an existing connection do?

Years ago, I became a an IRC Spelunker, more a lurker actually.  I found a lot of interesting things with it.  With Internet II, I find a lot of crass marketing, among the other things.

To my dozen or so Traenksters I say:  find another object d'Adoration.  To my now UnLinked minions I say:  Work on your resume and job skills.

I'm joking, of course.  More on future findings of my I'net II studies, as I find them...


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