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Day of the Expanding Man... 2012 Predictions

Steely Dan's "Aja" is more than a top-notch album; it is a harbinger of what is to come to us in IT-Land.

Rolling Stone gives "Aja" 145th place out of the top 500 albums of all time.  "Deacon Blues" is one of those post-modern poems that documents one writer's personal growth and so much more.  It documents the inadequacy of the old norm's.

I dedicate my playing of "Deacon Blues" to 2012's Workstation Linux, an idea whose time is finally come.  Much like many of you, my iPod and iPad addictions have drawn me inexorably towards Mac OS X and, increasingly, iCloud and the Internet itself.

My SOA research frustrates me.  So many concepts are rough adaptations of past OOPs and Client-Server coding, but somehow, it's all different, even betterer, now.  But traditional sockets programming and DCE remain yesteryear's footnotes.  You can sell Open Standards toolsets much easier these days. 

Into this world of jaded users, user who identify more with the Internet than with most vendors; Workstation Linux finally has the polish most people need to ensure reasonable security and performance.  Installation is simple and seldom requires recompilation of the kernel.  Additionally, important Open Source projects are getting traction, and these list Linux as their primary platform, not a port as an after thought.

These are different days, with actual vendors offering support contracts for anything Open you want to implement.  Having seen iPad's IOS, many business professionals wonder at our insistence on tried and true platforms.

In short, if you haven't tinkered with Linux in some time, you may be sideswiped by a manager-sponsored review of technologies too many IT pro's won't be conversant about.  How did PC's invade the glass castle?  One disgruntled business professional at a time, many of whom insisted on Internet and other initiatives.

Think the whole iPad adoption process was a difficult shift for you as a standard's-loving IT professional?  As I've written before, IT is a mere commodity, a business enabler.  Expect the low acquisition cost for Desktop Linux to be an issue.  EXPECT to be asked many questions about using Desktop Linux to cut costs.


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