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Compact Irony

By  Dec 24, 2007

Topics: Network Security, Security

Have you studied the articles regarding the iPhone?  Who knew a mobile device could inflict such damage?  You did, of course...

I wrote this December 17, before Seth's current 12/22 posting, one that shows his strong expertise in the mobile world...  As you read and review the iPhone alarmist articles, understand that they aren't limited to one phone...

Among the Informit Blogsphere, you've got Seth Fogie, someone acquainted with a lot of security issues and a fine author.  He's taken on mobile device security for sometime, even to the point of 'gutting' several 'fish' to show the simplistic way in which they're engineered.

Apple has come out with the iPhone.  No kidding, I don't make this news up.  The reviews I read point out the alarming ways it can be remotely p0wned.  Some articles suggest banning it in your organization. 

That is certainly foolish.  Many of the abilities that seem most security relevent are, in fact, in other platforms.  I have two iPAQ Pocket PC's.  It's amazing the utilities available for them and their networking connectivity.

All that written, it's also amazing just how much benefit they can provide.  I'm writing this blog on my 2795, via my stowaway keyboard.  It features both SD and Compact Flash interfaces, making it a neat tool for a GPS mounted on my motorcycle.  

In fact, isn't it amazing that some with the more critical IT roles sometimes have the least familiarity with the technologies and issues?

So if your employer's security staff begin birthing calves at the thought that you, a subject of the Security Realm, have brought in the Wizard's alchemy stone called an iPhone, Try to REASON with them.

Or say it's the new iPOD, one without those life-ending abilities.  Think they'll know the difference?   If not, send them here.  There is a lot of realistic security banter that goes on amongst the bloggers.  Have said Over-Reactors respond to this, and we'll take it from there 8-).

jt, It's about enabling truly useful business abilities--not just writin' rules!

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