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After a year spent 'roughing it' with alternate vendor technologies, Traenk is returning to his Microsoft home.

Ok, this might be foolish, but I'm tired of Chrome and all kinds of Alternate Universe technologies.  As I write this, I'm backing up my music in preparation of installing and running the Windows 8 preview.  I also want one of those new surface tablets--Can you hook me up?

I could bore you with my story of 'Odysseus travels with his Chrome browser' stories, but that's a bit boring.  How about my iPad, my WIFE's iPad, and my fun with it?  The Android tablet I got for free sure was worth every penny I paid for it (it was free, remember).  Right up until the time I used its oddball Application manager to try to get a text editor.  GREAT!  If I wanted a web browsing viewer, it's great.  But if I thought to type out some text?  Not so much.

Sure, it's a great thing to run from Pocket PC to these new, larger tablets, and then you hit the data input wall.  No handwriting recog.  No voice recog, proven tools I used to great effect on the Pocket PC.  World Trade Federation (wtf), is it so hard to provide abilities Microsoft has given the world for more than a decade???

I'm done.  Give me IE 9.  It's fast.  Give me a wide screen laptop with, Wow!, built in keyboarding that lets me operate quickly.  I'll let you know how the Win 8 install goeth.

Meanwhile--that surface tablet, I gotta think there are righteous hooks for speedy app development, right? 


P.S.  I have no links to Microsoft, no stock, no nuthin' for writing positively of them. 

P.P.S.  I'm recharging my two iPAQ and loading up their SD chips with videos and music.  Admit to your jealousy.

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