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Closed goes Open?

What IS the real impact to the .Net Framework source code being available to developers?
It was tough not blabbing the decision to publish the source code to the .Net Framework.  But I survived. 

So what is the final impact of this decision?  I don't know.  I do read a lot of security best practices documents, some of which are published by [US] government sources.  Some of these were very vocal regarding the security benefits of closed-source systems.  Now what? 

One gent I know mentioned the announcement had no mention of forking, as if that's an advantage.   Is it?  Will hacks increase or decrease because of the greater review?

Who cares?

In short, like a lot of others reading this news, I'm not sure what it means beyond enabling me to use those Framework classes better and understand their implementation better.

I'll let others prognosticate with lofty phrases and keen insights on the grand impacts of this decision.  I'm too busy learning more about some pretty useful classes and the architecture itself.

jt, just a developer not a sooth-sayer

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