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Changes to an otherwise normal life

In what ways has the Internet driven change in your lives? 

I'm the proud purchaser of a new Subaru, with the bank owning it.  To make this purchase, I explored several Internet-driven changes, changes I'd like to discuss in future blogs.

And that's when it hits you:  our world is fundamentally reshaped by the Internet. 

Now that's an obvious statement, huh?

What is most surprising, to me at least, is the rapid adoption agility speed with which even Fortune 100 companies use the Internet, in search of Branding consistency, if nothing else.

And speaking of branding:  In what ways does a big company like Subaru assert high touch through online means?

I could go on and on, but let's go slow.

www.facebook.com/traenky.  Rattle my cage.  In what ways has Facebook reshaped your life?  Let's befriend and then help me construct two pages I've had in my brain for months, one page dedicated to Windows security tools and tricks and the other providing good security for all those Linux desktops I'm still convinced are sure to come.  8-)

And that's when it hits you:  our world is as inter-meshed as the Internet itself.

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