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While exploring Chrome as a browser, I stumbled onto some excellent Browser Password Manager criteria and an online test that helps you assess your browser's security

I installed Chrome.  Seemed snappy.  Then I decided to check out the security.  Wow.  But in Chrome defense, a majority of the citations are old.  Then I found an interesting article regarding assessing a browser's password manager security.

Maybe the tests and criteria still need work; I'm not sure.  I do respect this person's diligence in creating and articulating a few tests that illustrate the more common problems with password managers.  By creating an online evaluation, the world has an easy means to check out the new and evolving old browsers (and to what degree they handle the fragmented Internet password fabric that keeps Internet Commerce covered). 

If you decide to evaluate your current browser's password manager, be prepared for the evaluation.  Create maybe a half dozen passwords, passwords whose length varies.  This will allow you to [visually] track the passwords that you are asked to submit and to change. 

Seth Fogie did a lot of work on this topic, being one of the first to point out Firefox 3's broken password handling.  You may want to look into one of his old blogs and articles for background information.


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